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Alta Labs connects disruptive ideas, innovators and seed capital


Cure Cancer

We believe cancer will be cured in our lifetime. Each of us can participate in and even accelrate a cure by sharing our health data.

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End Poverty

Each of us has the responsibility to provide a hand up to our brothers and sisters around the world. Technology provides each of us the ability to scale our reach.

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Disrupt Hollywood

We hold the belief that positive storytelling can make good popular and elevate our culture.

About Alta Labs

Alta Labs is a company building platform founded by Paul Ahlstrom. Alta Labs connects disruptive ideas, innovators and seed capital to launch world changing initiatives. The Alta Labs team believes in the power of the startup to impact the world in positive meaningful ways including: Curing cancer, ending poverty and disrupting Hollywood.

Some of the current projects Alta Labs supports include: HealthTree Foundation, HealthTree Holdings, HealthTree MD, Meridian Therapeutics, IsoTalent, IsoGlobal, IsoMed, Obra, TechBuzz News, Angel Studios and Storyfund.

Alta Labs applies disruption theory to solve some of the world's most intractable problems.

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“The sound of of innovation is often the sound of breaking glass.”

- Paul Ahlstrom

Our Startup Process

Nail It Then Scale It is the first lean startup book to help entrepreneurs through the process of launching a high-growth company. The book combines high-level principles and a step-by-step guide of what key actions successful entrepreneurs take to reduce risk and increase success. Nail It Then Scale It answers key questions that entrepreneurs have, including: Why do most new businesses fail? What first steps do successful serial entrepreneurs take? What are the most common traps that lead to failure and how can I avoid them?

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1. develop Idea

It all starts with an idea. The first step in your startup journey is to discover an innovative idea! We like to say innovation is the intersection between invention and market insight. So as you are connecting the dots between interesting problems and solutions, we have developed and curated idea creation resources to help you put your best foot forward.

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2. Test Hypotheses

Before you jump in, take a step back and apply the scientific method on your idea just as a scientist would. Turn your idea into a testable hypothesis to validate before launch

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3. Nail Business Model

Now that you have validated your customer-product-market fit, the next step is to explore and validate your go-to-market strategy and business model.

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4. Build Product

There's only so much you can learn without getting your hands dirty. It's now time to build your product. During the building process you will be able to make observations and learn things that were unknowable in advance. We've assembled a list of our favorite tools to help you cost-effectively build out your product, team, strategy, and support materials in preparation for launch.

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5. Launch Startup

You have one chance to make a first impression. Do your homework and make it count. There is a well-researched and understood psychology of how people and markets accept and adopt new ideas. The materials here will help you explore, understand, and adopt the best practices that will increase the odds of customer and acceptance for your new product launch.

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6. Scale Startup

So you have nailed your customer-product-market fit and your business model is working. Now it is time to scale it until it breaks. Each industry will have unique growth requirements. Here is a collection of tools and guidance to support you in this exciting phase of the company.

Drop Shadow

employment opportunities

Obra Job App

Effortless job searching

Quickly discover job matches tailored to your preferences through our personalized job recommendations and familiar search tools.

Applying through Obra's mobile app is seamless—you can effortlessly categorize jobs as 'Liked' or 'Applied,' streamlining your job search and application processes, enabling convenient applications.

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Nail It Then Scale IT

Simplify business processes with Alta Labs, free up time to focus on expansion.

"Nail It then Scale It helped us get our initial feature set and pricing nailed and set us on a path to significant revenues two years ahead of our original plan and our competition.”

Adam Blum, CEO, RhoMobile

Nail it

then scale it

Tech News

entrepreneur ecosystem

Wasatch Innovation Network

A community of entrepreneurs

The WIN100 and WIN50 programs are designed to help identify and cultivate relationships among emerging and top Founders, CEOs, CTO, and venture talent with ties to Utah. Backed by the Wasatch Innovation Network (WIN) and sponsored by top venture firms in the region, the WIN community nominated and peer-selected organization of the top consumer and tech venture entrepreneurs in the state's ecosystem.

The idea of WIN100 / WIN50 is based on the premise that the crowd would successfully identify the innovators and entrepreneurs that were “most likely to create a high growth company” in Utah.

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2600 W Executive Pkwy Suite 380,

Lehi, UT 84043

At Alta Labs, we believe in igniting tech ventures that will have a positive impact on the unloved and underserved customers.

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